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A Foodie. One Photo. Every Friday.


Some very wise and inspiring words from the dame of French cuisine. Interest is something of great importance because it is fundamentally internal. It is how I feel about food and cooking. I have no desire to make money from it or to work in a restaurant. I’m interested in food simply because I find it fulfilling. Taking classes or enlisting at the Cordon Bleu (gasp!) would be interesting for the sake of personal enrichment. But for now….


I am stupendously happy sharing my love of food with others. It is rewarding that people equate a visit to my house with feasting, and that this little one (Flautamom’s kid) believes that I am synonymous with baking cookies.

So- follow your passions and don’t forget to share them!!

Have a Happy Weekend!!

Tell me about your interests and how you share them!