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I’m always looking for recipes that will make great supplements for a packed lunch. On our recent trip to Half Moon Bay, we experienced a cornbread muffin filled with shredded zucchini. Flautamom and I agreed that if we could tap into this recipe it would prove quite useful. I spent part of my weekend experimenting with various cornbread mixes and shredded veggie ratios. The trick was to get the perfect balance between vegetable and bread. You don’t want too much muffin, otherwise you don’t reap the benefits of the vegetable. But then again you don’t want so much vegetable that the end product fails to resemble a muffin.

I present to you my labor of love:

Recipe: Savory Zucchini Cornbread Muffins

First you must pick your poison. You can go with the ultra “whole-foodie” Bob’s Red Mill cornbread mix or “America’s Favorite” Jiffy cornbread muffin mix. Bob will cost you about $3.99, Jiffy is a serious $0.79. You can read the ingredient list of each (or any other mix you happen upon), consider your budget and then decide. I will not judge. šŸ˜‰

Now the whole point of the recipe was to find a clever way to incorporate MORE veggies into my quickie lunches. Grab-N-Go. Zucchini is a MUST. DO NOT SKIMP on this. However, the second portion of the recipe allows for some creativity and taste preference. Green is the easiest color to incorporate into your plate, every other hue is a little more difficult. Zucchini/Green=check!! Now for the second part… Because of Fall I decided to concentrate my energies on the Orange family. I made a batch with shredded carrots and another batch with shredded sweet potatoes. Both came out equally wonderful. To continue the orange theme you could also use shredded squash or shredded pumpkin. If you think of another color family please, do share. I considered adding mushrooms, but have not ventured forth, perhaps on another post if there is enough interest.

The second step: Follow the instructions on your package. This is a “convenience” recipe. After all, we are using a “cornbread muffin mix”. If anyone is terrified by the ultra long list of ingredients on these packages, and I get enough interest, I will seek out a “from scratch” recipe. So the instructions are the first step in preparing the “dry”mix. Now for the experimental portion, on which I so diligently worked. The trick, as I previously mentioned, is to get the perfect ratio of muffin to vegetable.

  • If you’re using one box of the Jiffy Mix, you want to use a total of 2 cups of shredded vegetables. One box yields 6-8 muffins. So that would be:

1 box Jiffy Mix (following the instructions by adding 1 egg & 1/33 cup Milk to dry mix)

After following instructions on box, add:

1 cup shredded Zucchini

1 cup shredded orange veggie (carrot, sweet potato, squash, or pumpkin, etc.)

  • If you’re using Bob’s Red Mill Cornbread Mix, it yields approximately 16-18 muffins. Follow instructions on the package. THEN:

Add 2 cups shredded Zucchini

2 cups shredded orange veggie (carrot, sweet potato, squash, or pumpkin, etc.)

  • If you are using a mix other than the ones stated, it is very simple to adapt my ratios. For every 6 muffins you need to incorporate 2 cups of shredded vegetables.
  • So if your mix yields 6-8 muffins, add 2 cups of shredded veggies after you have followed the instructions for the mix
  • If your mix yields 16-18 muffins, add 4-5 cups of shredded veggies to the mix, after you have followed the package instructions.

Are you interested in a mix made from scratch?? (without all the additives??)

Wonder what mushrooms will add to this ensemble??

How do you make your savory muffins??