Dates, Prosciutto, & Mascarpone

It’s Bistro Night. You have your wine, bread, cheese, and cold cuts. But you want something different. Something decadent. Well I have just the thing for you. These little morsels will add some pow to your palate.

It’s quite simple, three ingredients:

Dates, prosciutto, and Mascarpone.

1. Cut the dates in half and remove the pit.

2. Fill each half with a teaspoon of Mascarpone.

3. Delicately wrapped each Mascarpone filled date with half a slice of prosciutto.

4. As you’re making these, make sure more bites end up on the plate and not in your mouth. Your guests must try these too!

Now, go grab a glass of wine and maybe a bar of this:

Everyone WILL be happy! Enjoy!

Recipe source: the bestie!!