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On Sunday we left San Jose (thank you Flautamom for the ride!) super early so I could support my friend (and LSAT study-buddy) at the Nike Women’s Marathon! Angelica and I first became friends when we realized we both had the same aspiration of going to law school and were freaking out about LSAT, so we became study buddies. THEN, we realized we were both huge foodies and loved cooking. Not only that, we’re also both interested in advocacy for food justice. As if that wasn’t enough… she’s also a runner! Seriously, this girl could be my soul mate.

I think it’s always important to have support at the end of a race. You’re fatigued both mentally and physically. And nothing boosts you right back up like having someone waiting for you at the finish line. Something else I find incredibly important is post-race fuel. Most of these races offer a gamut of sports drinks, plain bagels, bananas, and energy bars. I personally take a more natural approach to fueling my body and I knew Angie, as both a foodie and runner, would also appreciate my snack bag.

I wasn’t sure what exactly she would crave after running 26 miles, so with Cin’s help we packed a little bit of everything, concentrating on having a good mixture of both protein and carbs:

  • orange slices
  • Horizon organic chocolate milk (my personal favorite after a super long run)
  • Martinelli’s apple juice
  • dried apricots (another favorite of mine)
  • homemade trail mix (granola, peanuts, almonds, chocolate chips, walnuts, and dried cranberries.
  • Honey Crisp Apple (Angie’s favorite)

Angie dug right into the trail mix and loved the chocolate milk. I’m happy to report that most of the snack pack was devoured.

Even though I wasn’t running, simply seeing other people run filled me with so much emotion. The energy is palpable; there is so much excitement. I truly wished I was one of the participants. That said, I’m definitely running this race next year. Receiving a Tiffany necklace instead of a medal is only one of the major perks…


After wards, we met up with another friend who took us to Kuleto’s for an Italian lunch, (a perfect choice for more post-race carbo loading) to celebrate Angie’s completion of the marathon. Kuleto’s was a special treat, they pride themselves in offering fresh, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients. Go sustainability!!

Sure it was the middle of the afternoon, but you can’t take me out to eat and expect me not to order a glass of wine. I even managed to convince our whole table to indulge in some vino. Besides, you cannot have a celebration without a little wine. Leave it to me.

The bread basket was a piece of art. I liked the crumbly bread sticks the best. They were dusted with a tangy Parmesan that really brought out the flavor of the bread. You can see Angie in the background, sporting our school’s logo. Go Cal!

That was followed by a roasted beet salad, nestled in a bed of arugula, and topped with goat cheese. Oh, I was in heaven.

The entree was amazing! Linguine with manila clams and pancetta. What?? Every bite was a delicate morsel of flavors. Slightly sweet married with savory. I wanted to run into the kitchen and kiss the chef. I stopped myself.


This day made me wish that every Sunday was race day. Running, friends, food. Angie and I have also decided to run the next marathon together. Yes, it’s time for me to start training. We have not yet decided which race we will run, but I will keep you posted. I’ll also let you in on a little secret dream, we’re hoping to qualify for Boston. There, it’s out there. Now to hold ourselves accountable.

What is your favorite post-run fuel??