A Foodie. One Photo. Every Friday

Two girls. Saturday night. Foodie tastes. A super low budget. The result is the creation of Bistro Night!!

The Bestie (Cin) and I often indulge in these nights when we’re feeling like being decadent but don’t have the funds to back it up. We’ll buy a bottle of wine, or three, a selection of cheeses (our favorite is the Pecorino Toscano), several cuts of meat from the local Italian deli, and a nice hunk of freshly baked bread from the bakery down the street. Throw in some Quince (or Guava) paste, put out a few candles, and my living room is instantly converted into a Bistro. We reap all the benefits and experience of dinning out without having to foot a huge bill.

Lately we’ve included other friends in our Bistro Nights, talking the night away with conversations ranging from Astrophysics and philosophy to aesthetics and anthropology.

These have become my favorite foodie nights! With every one we get to try a new cheese or fall in love with a different wine, and with the inclusion of a bigger circle of guests they too, with gifts of wine and food, add to the gamut of the experience that is Bistro Night.

Is there a foodie tradition you’ve created??