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A Foodie. One Photo. Every Friday.

Why be an advocate for the food movement?? Maybe because you just want to buy heirloom tomatoes from a cute farmer in denim overalls.

Seriously, though… I randomly encountered Paul on Piedmont Ave. selling organic heirloom tomatoes. Not only is he an undergraduate at Berkeley (Philosophy) but he works for Baia Nicchia Farms, in Sunol, California.

We had a great conversation about the food movement and the complexity of the issues surrounding it. It’s always encouraging to engage with people who are just as passionate (and active) as you about creating a more sustainable and just food system. Serendipitous meetings like these are the little sparks that keep me on track towards fighting for what I believe in.

Here’s to our generation of trailblazers!

What is a recent encounter you’ve had that was inspirational??