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A Foodie. One Photo. Every Friday.

When choosing pictures to post on my blog, it’s always about the details, the quality, and the beauty of the food that emanates from the image. Especially for Photo Friday!!! As I sit here and look at this photo I see little details to which I didn’t give a second thought, at the time the photograph was taken. My nails badly need a trim. My nail polish is severely chipped. The tops of my feet have a funny tan-line from my Toms. But to the point, those were the things of which I was least occupied. This moment was savored with peachy musings.

You see, I had decided that this semester I was going to force myself to slow down, for a few moments, every day. It’s a big semester for me, I’m taking the LSAT in October and starting the Law School application process, along with taking a full course load. Things are going to get a little hectic around here. On the days that I’m on campus my lunch hour in between classes has become all about me. Trust me, it hasn’t been easy. I’ve struggled with stopping my trembling hands from reaching into my back pack to grab for reading material or my LSAT prep book. This is supposed to be time for me, to enjoy my food. Savor each bite. Give my “school” mind a break.

Too often, even though I’m eating healthy, I don’t give my meals their proper due. Today because I wasn’t absentmindedly munching on my quinoa salad, trying to catch-up on all my reading, I was truly able to appreciate each of the ingredients. The feta was especially cheerful. I forget, too quickly, how amazing food tastes when you give it a little time and thought.

Now to the peach. It took me 20 minutes to eat this sucker.  After each bite I savored the texture and sweet flavor. And each bite was followed by random thoughts. I was lounging in a shady little spot just outside the halls of Berkeley Law. A few of my musings:

1. There is exactly one month left until the LSAT. The test that will almost completely determine the law schools to which I can apply. (Barf).

2. I need to get myself a pair of gray Toms. 🙂

3. Back-up plans are perfectly O.K.

4. It shouldn’t matter how long it takes to accomplish your dreams, as long as you never stop the pursuit.

I cannot even begin to describe how greatly decompressed I felt after finishing my delightful treat, and musing after each bite. It’s a little strange but I felt similar to how I feel after an amazing yoga session or an intense run, sans the sweaty face.

So, what are you doing to make a little time for YOU??