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You know you have a good recipe when you make it again. You know you have a great recipe when you make it several times a week! That is what I have right here. Now that the Fall semester has started and classes are in full swing I’m swaying towards easy recipes, minimal ingredients (hopefully), that are “to-go” friendly. I’ve munched on this salad for a number of lunches this week. It’s just SO easy and SO delish! It bursts with flavor from the capers and has an added punch from the lemon zest.

If I had taken a picture each time I had this salad, I could probably fill a twelve-month calendar. Also, I think I purposefully hoard cans of tuna just to always have the ability to make this salad…

Recipe: Lemon Caper Tuna Salad

Zest and juice from half a lemon (more to taste, I tend to lean on MORE)

1/2 tbs of Olive Oil

1 tbs capers- chopped (also more to taste)

1 can of tuna

handfuls of salad mix (your choice of greens)

optional: other veggies. I have thrown in cucumbers or tomatoes. Whatever you prefer, or whatever you have on hand works!

1. Zest lemon in a medium bowl. Add lemon juice and olive oil, whisk together.

2. Add capers and tuna. Mix.

3. Toss everything on top of a bed of greens and you’re ready to go!

Do you have a recipe for Go-to-Grub??