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I left my apartment early this morning to continue running all my errands in preparation for the beginning of the Fall semester. One of my stops was Crossroads Trading Co., a used clothing retailer. I had two huge Ikea bags full of clothes that either I have never worn or no longer fit (thank you running addiction). Because it was so early I made certain to check their store hours, Open at 10:00am. I arrived around 10:22am. I lugged my huge bags out of the trunk and trekked to the entrance. The lights were off. The doors were closed. Posted on their door was a huge white sign: Summer hours M-F 11am-8pm. WHAT?? They hadn’t updated their store hours on the website…

It was a little over a half hour wait. Not enough time to drive back home and then come back. I walked back to the car, dumped the bags back into the trunk, and brooded. I decided to walk to the nearest cafe and wait it out with a cup of coffee and a bit of reading. I soon encountered Bica Coffeehouse, a tiny little corner street café. I order a latte and reach for the trusty book I always carry in my purse, only to find my purse empty. Grumble. Grumble. Last night I fell asleep reading, The Brothers Karamazov was somewhere entangled between my sheets.

I plop myself at the café bar and brood some more. My order is called and I get up to collect my caffeine, grumbling along the way. When I go to reach for my cup my heart stops and melts. It was served in chinaware the brightest of reds. The foam swirled with the most delicate of hearts. It was a Valentine on a plate. Who couldn’t resist falling in love?? I gently take it back to the bar. I take one sip and I swoon. This is what love tastes like. A balance of clouds and bliss. I spent more than half an hour sipping and daydreaming. Call me a romantic?

All it took was the perfect cup of coffee and it was enough for me to see hearts all day. A sweet foamy heart turned a mishap into a delight!

Ever had a food experience that completely changed your day??