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Nourish is an online initiative dedicated to providing an educational forum on food literacy and sustainability, especially in the community and within school systems. Their website is an excellent resource for any foodie looking to take their advocacy to the next level. They offer many educational materials, videos, ideas, and above all inspiration. “Be the difference. Nourish in action”.

They have worked on a series of films and are currently featuring one entitled Nourish Short Films: 54 Bite-Sized Videos About The Story of Your Food. It features vignettes from some of the major food advocates like Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and Anna Lappé, among others. Being a huge fan of Mr. Pollan I thought I’d share a clip from the video. He even discusses my favorite tip to follow at a supermarket: always shop the peripherals. That’s where you’ll find the whole foods.

What are some of your supermarket tips??