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The bottom and outside edges of the morsel were nicely toasted and provided the perfect amount of crunch to balance the delectable chewiness of the middle. These treats literally melt in your mouth as the coconut gives way to a burst of cinnamon followed by a crisp after-bite of almonds. What are these delicious bites? They’re Mac-N-Mo’s Morselicious Treats!!!

I had entered a give-away through one of my favorite nutrition blogs: Nutrisavvy, and won a package of Mac-n-Mo’s Gluten Free/Vegan Morselicious Mix.The inspiration for the treats was Mo’s father Mac, who because of a two massive heart attacks leading to restrictive diet could no longer enjoy the baked goods he previously relished. Mo’s challenge was to create mouthwatering treats with “all natural ingredients, no preservatives, very little salt, no added sugar, and high in fiber”, and boy did she succeed!

I opened my package of Morselicious Mix and was hypnotized by the smell of sweet coconut and cinnamon. I couldn’t wait a single minute and immediately read the instructions to bake my treats. As is my habit I read the ingredient list and was amazed. Only 5 simple ingredients: Brown rice, Organic Unsweetened Coconut, Almonds, Flax Meal, Spices. Good, wholesome, real ingredients. Yum!

They were super easy to make, I only needed to add a tiny bit of water, some applesauce, vanilla, and a tsp of oil. The instructions also mention to add your sweetener of choice, giving you total control of the amount of sugar (honey, agave nectar, molasses, etc.)  you incorporate, if any. I used a teaspoon to create mini bites out of the batter and baked for 17 minutes. Those 17 minutes seemed to drag forever as I anxiously waited for the timer to ring. They were definitely worth the wait, for what followed was pure bliss!!

You can find the nearest retailer through their website or order the treats online!