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We all have them. The things we’re currently crushing on that make the week that much better. Here are a few of my current crushes:

Washable Produce Bags: I absolutely LOVE these! I stumbled upon them at Whole Foods. I’ve always hated wasting plastic bags when buying produce, whether I was at a farmer’s market or in a grocery store. I mean, I have a whole collection of re-usable canvas grocery bags ( it seems that I buy a new one every week!). But that didn’t seem like enough. The real waste was the clear plastic bags. I tried my best at re-using them…. I’d wash them, but waiting for them to dry was such a pain. I had plastic bags littered all over my kitchen. And then these beauties came into my life. They’re eco-friendly, super durable, easy to store… and the greatest thing??? Machine washable. Oh yes!!!

Bonus points for sustainability!

Jars: I love jars! And I have a habit of collecting them. Whether it’s a jar from some blackberry preserves or Martinelli’s apple juice. Not only do I love the pretty shapes and various sizes, they act as inspiration. They’re great for conjuring ideas on what to fill them with. Hummus, yogurt parfaits, mini brownie bites… the possibilities are endless!! What are your favorite uses??

Purple Camelbak Water Bottle: I currently have an obsession with the color purple. And a girl can’t have too many water bottles, hydration is essential. Therefore, this buy was a must, right?! It truly is a major crush. It goes everywhere with me! The easy flip spout makes it uber treadmill friendly. No one wants water gooping down their chin.

Major bonus: remember my bit about making food aesthetically appealing to encourage a deeper enjoyment? Same is true for water! Get yourself a cute bottle and you’ll be reaching for it all day!

Chocolove Almond & Sea Salt in Dark Chocolate: Get me through the week? How about get me through the day? A girl needs her chocolate. This is my pick for the week. The nuttiness of the almonds coupled with rich dark chocolate, sprinkled with a touch of sea salt makes for an amazing combo. Yum!

What are you crushing on?